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StageLight Basic is simple easy to use lighting scene editor and sequencer designed so anyone that has operated a basic lighting console will be able to learn how to use it in about 10 minutes.
It has been designed for schools, churches, traveling performers, shops, homes (Christmas lights anyone), and really small theaters.
Using the DMX4Linux drivers and possibly some others it will have access to a variety of DMX512 interfaces, including some freely avaliable parallel port designs.

StageLight Basic is exactly what it says - BASIC! It is not ment to be a wizz bang, do it all program with lots of bells and whistles, it is designed to be basic and simple to use. This should ultimately lead to reliability due to its simplicity. Over time features may be added, but the ultimate goal is for stability and simplicity of use.

StageLight Basic is being developed on the GNU/Linux operating system using the FLTK Graphical User Interface Library and the DMX4Linux Hardware drivers.

SLAVE Lighting (previously Light-n-Easy) has released StageLight Basic under the GNU/GPL Licencing from Version 0.0.13 and the project has been moved to Sourceforge and can be found at
SLAVE Lighting has started working on a new advanced version of StageLight aimed for more commercial situations, and has discontinued major work on StageLight Basic but has released it to the GNU/Linux community instead. SLAVE Lighting will continue some development on StageLight Basic as they feel that it is a worth while project.


Here are some images from slb V0.0.12
Click the Image for a full size view.
Scene Editor Scene/Sequence editor.
DMX Patch Pannel DMX Patch Pannel.
Colour Setup Channel Colour Setup.
Cue Run Cue Run window

Software Specifications:

StageLight Basic
These are the current target specifications.
Short Description:32 Channel Automatic Light Sequencer
User Interface:Graphical
Channels:32 Channels, 1 Time
Level Control:0 to 255
Fade Time:0 to 60 Seconds in 0.1 second steps
Scenes:256 Scene recording
Commands: Basic commands for repeating, jumping, pausing etc
Drivers:DMX4LINUX Drivers
Minimum System:Not Yet Determined

Software Development:

Currently in ALPHA stage, ready for the adventurous and daring only.
Many features are not yet implimented, and overall it has not been tested. This is just the first draft of StageLight Basic, and it has lots more work to go, but in saying that, it is not far away from being useable.

If you are Brave, Adventurous or just plain Curious, you are welcome to download and try the Alpha version.
A semi-useable SLB version & librarys avaliable from the downloads page
The Latest development releases avaliable from the Sourceforge Site.


Here are some links related to this project in some way.

SLAVE Lighting -
They started this project in 2001, when they were called Light-n-Easy.

FLTK The Fast Light Toolkit -
The GUI Library used in this project.

DMX4Linux -
The DMX driver that will be used in this project

The Linux Lighting group -
A group of Lighting projects (and more) for Linux. -
The hosts of this project, and many more good projects.

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